Corporate Secretaries: What we really do

Why do you need a corporate secretary?

It is compulsory for companies incorporated in Singapore to appoint a company secretary who is a resident in Singapore. A company with multiple directors may nominate a director to act as the corporate secretary but companies with only one director cannot have a director to be both a director and the corporate secretary.

Although it is convenient to simply hire the cheapest corporate secretarial form for your business in order to just comply with the law, your choice of corporate secretary matters as not all corporate secretaries provide the same level of service to you.

What does a corporate secretary really do?

Broadly speaking, a corporate secretary is charged with looking after the administrative work of your company. The corporate secretary is responsible for keeping your company compliant with both statutory and regulatory requirement so that you can focus on growing your company.

Some of the tasks we do as your corporate secretary include keeping and maintaining the statutory registers of the company, supervising the issue of share capital and restructuring of your company. We are also the mediators between the directors of the company and the shareholders.

How does having a good corporate secretary value add to your business?

While the basic role of the corporate secretary is to ensure the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements, a good corporate secretary goes further to be the backbone of your business.

As such, we adopt a three-pronged approach to value-add to your business:

To the company, we ensure your legal obligations are met, good corporate governance is practiced and protect your business interest.

To the directors of the company, we act as and adviser and provide support when needed. We ensure information is shared timely with all other directors to ensure full contribution during board meetings.

To shareholders of the company, we protect their interests and ensure that the financial statements are disseminated in a timely manner. We are the mediators between directors and shareholders.

Thinking of switching to our corporate secretarial services?

Changing of Corporate Secretary has never been easier when you choose to engage us. We will contact your current service provider to initiate the transfer and do the paperwork to take over all necessary documents and registers as part of our service fees. There is no additional charge.

If you have prepaid your current year’s fee with the existing service provider, we will waive our fees for any outstanding period that you have when you switch over.